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Viva La Vida Lineup for 2016

So we've already announced our lineup for this years Kilson Street Stage at Viva la Vida 2016 but figured it wasn't enough to just say it on our instagram and Faceboom pages. Yes we're here to repeat that this year's lineup is one of the best we've ever seen and

Throwback: Episode 18 – Evan Geesman

***Original Release date - August 16, 2013*** Evan Geeseman is a Giant. Not only in height but in talent. There's no way for us to describe it. He just so damn good at what he does when it comes to music. At the time we recorded this episode he had released

Throwback: Ep 16 – Bellhaunts

***First Aired: July 19, 2013*** It’s been three years since we recorded this episode. Three whole fucking years!. I think that we have evolved a lot since. The Bellhaunts are good friends of the show and even I have had the pleasure of playing a show or two with them as

Throwback: Ep 13 – The Circus Kids

Originally Released on June 29, 2013 Finally after a few weeks We were able to afford to pay Souncloud for some extra space to upload old episodes. And that means more of our old school Kilson Street episodes. This time around we went back to the Circus Kids Episode 13. This episode

Throwback to China Woman Episode 12!

Originally Released 6/21/2013 Everytime I go back into one of these old episodes I see little bits and pieces of things I want to do differently. Actually a shit load of pieces. I have been doing some revisions to the way these were mixed and also introducing some new plug-ins that

Throwback: Episode 9 – My Machete

***Originally Released on YouTube May 30, 2013*** Hello Everyone. If you noticed that we didn't have a throwback episode last week it's because we were super stoked to bring you the Filmspeed episode. If you haven't checked their episode out yet, please do so after this one! At the point in time