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Throwback to China Woman Episode 12!

Originally Released 6/21/2013 Everytime I go back into one of these old episodes I see little bits and pieces of things I want to do differently. Actually a shit load of pieces. I have been doing some revisions to the way these were mixed and also introducing some new plug-ins that

China Woman’s EP Tetra Out NOW!

China Woman's Tetra EP Cover art

We are happy to announce that we have completed recording for the newest China Woman release called Tetra. This EP consists of the bands newest material and is a precursor to more great songs. This one took us a while to finish but it was definitely worth it. We would

Ep 41 – Degrees of Freedom (DOF)

Degrees of Freedom are a cool metal/nu-metal band. Pretty dam good and dedicated to what they're doing. ... var cpo = []; cpo["_object"] ="cp_widget_072f27a5-9ec8-4bd8-b318-023fdb818bcb"; cpo["_fid"] = "AgBAlxLVgqtO"; var _cpmp = _cpmp || []; _cpmp.push(cpo); (function() { var cp = document.createElement("script"); cp.type = "text/javascript"; cp.async = true; cp.src = "//"; var c = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; c.parentNode.insertBefore(cp, c); })();

Ep. 37 – Bür Gür

Anyway, here is Bür Gür, an electronic duo from LA. We were very excited to have these dudes on. There was also an earthquake during filming of this episode, which was not included in the show. Oh well.

Ep. 35 – Nimbus Earth

Nimbus Earth!!!!!!!! Really dug the sound from these guys. Especially the tone from the classic/killer Hammond organ. Great performance. Included are a Dick's realty skit and a Santa Ana tours spot from Cancun!

Ep 34 – Signa

Signa Rock!!! This is awesome. Our very first rock en espanol group. These guys have seen great gigs and deservedly so. Also included is our Santa Ana Tours with Frank Valdez at Santiago Park.

Ep. 28 – The Kyms

Click play and enjoy The Kyms from the IE (Inland Empire). Very talented and we hope to hear great things from them in the near future. Segments: We visited Warner Brothers Studios to interview a very special guest. We went on our first of many visits to a Santa Ana city