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Chris Hayzel the One Man Show! Watch

Kilson Street and Chris Hayzel go back. Waaaay Back. Well not waaaay back. We just wanted to sound like it was. Anywho, on our 77th installment of the never ending Kilson Street Series, we have Chris from allll the way up in Los Angeles. Chris is a rare talent. If

Episode 73 with Storeetellers

Storeetellers are an all girl band from the big OC! A little background on this show: This episode actually took us a long time to put together. The reason being that they had contacted us earlier in the year to get something set up. At the time I had no

Island Apollo Performs for Our 72nd Episode

Island Apollo are a band from the South of Orange County. Their sound is absolutely clean and well rounded. And songs.... Fucken tits! This is a band we see going very far. They got their set together and sound locked in and ready to kick your eardrums arse. And it