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Throwback Podcast with The Hurricanes

Holly hell it's been a while people. Sorry but we've been hella busy trying to make this years Viva La Vida Santa Ana go off like no other. We appreciate that you take the time to come look at our site; at our very few monthly updates. The Hurricanes were

Throwback: Ep 13 – The Circus Kids

Originally Released on June 29, 2013 Finally after a few weeks We were able to afford to pay Souncloud for some extra space to upload old episodes. And that means more of our old school Kilson Street episodes. This time around we went back to the Circus Kids Episode 13. This episode

Chris Hayzel the One Man Show! Watch

Kilson Street and Chris Hayzel go back. Waaaay Back. Well not waaaay back. We just wanted to sound like it was. Anywho, on our 77th installment of the never ending Kilson Street Series, we have Chris from allll the way up in Los Angeles. Chris is a rare talent. If

Stumped Do Episode 74!

Sometimes we get a little put off when we get inquiries from bands who want to be on the show if they look young. As you might know, we aren't exactly your Howdie Doody show: we don't do things conventionally and we almost ALWAYS are vulgar and morose when it

Viva La Vida Recap Video by Suavecito Pomade!

Check out the latest video by Suavecito Pomade uploaded today! You will see some of the highlights of the November 2nd Viva La Vida Festival and some cool footage of our stage. Thanks a lot to Suavecito Pomade for coming out and supporting the event. We really appreciate it. Please

Episode 73 with Storeetellers

Storeetellers are an all girl band from the big OC! A little background on this show: This episode actually took us a long time to put together. The reason being that they had contacted us earlier in the year to get something set up. At the time I had no

Viva La Vida Festival and Kilson Street Stage

We were very excited and honored to be hosting the Viva La Vida Main stage at the Santa Ana Train Station. It was hard as hell keeping things in order and timed well but we managed to get through the day despite many technical difficulties. We Burned out two of