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Newlywed Game 2013 Full

Hey. Its been like a few weeks. This is the "Newlywed Game" on Speed. Yes the Newlywed Game 2013. Kilson Street demands that we keep doing things like this so we will in the near future. Starring: Caleb Porter Enrique Avalos Frank Valdez Michelle Azua Vanessa Bravo Deanna la Brujita Randy Written by Modesto Briseno Enrique Avalos Miguel Briseno

Kilson Street News #04

kilson street news still 03

In this installment we sent Pat out on assignment and got kidnapped somewhere in Mexico. He was supposed to do a report on the Mexican prostitution trade but got caught up with the cartels instead... or so we think it was the cartels. It was most likely Pat's trolls.

Kilson Street News #02

kilson street news still 02

This is Kilson Street News at 3am. #2. This one is live from Africa as you can see in the background. Try to spot the actual live birth on this one: life sure is beautiful huh folks? Well, as the owner of Microsoft would say, "i'm gonna go ahead and

Kilson Street News #03

kilson street news still 01

Kilson Street News #3 was live from Bangladesh. I have nothing else to add to this. BUT, Apparently its better to add a bunch of crap to these descriptions because it will garner more hits... well i can add, justin bieber, lady ga ga (does she still trend?) miguel, 2