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Episode 55 w/ Habitat

Took us some time but here we have Habitat. It has been a while. And with this mini Hiatus we have come back with a mini vengeance. Here we have one of the coolest sounding bands from the IE so far, HABITAT. It always amazes us that some folk come

The 50th Episode w/ OKT!!!

This is our 50th Episode. Why are we still around??? We don't even know that. Watch like share subscribe to our channel. We will probably most likely bring you 50 moreā€¦ unless bands or music acts cease to exist in 2015. Thanks to all of you who support and especially

Ep. 48 – The Tequila Worms

Up next on Kilson Street are the Tequila Worms from Anaheim (not Anacrime), CA. I would like to describe their sound as, Dick Dale on a steroid rampage. Give these guys a listen and visit their site too. VISIT our Sponsor SUAVECITO POMADE Visit our site and check out our other

Ep. 47 w/ Skin & Bones

We were joined by Skin & Bones on this episode. Gunther's Co in DTSA was perfect for these guys and honestly their music is something to marvel at. Check them out and make sure you share, like and subscribe to our channel. VISIT our SPONSOR SUAVECITO POMADE Kilson Street Cyber Clubs: Instagram Facebook Twitter

Ep. 46 W/ Gantez

For your viewing pleasure: GANTEZ! We had some good times recording this episode and you can see why from their bad ass performance and interesting interview. Make sure you share and subscribe to our channel for more stuff like this!z Visit our SPONSOR: SUAVECITO POMADE Kilson Street SOCIAL MEDIA CLUBS: INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK TWITTER