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Viva La Vida Recap Video by Suavecito Pomade!

Check out the latest video by Suavecito Pomade uploaded today! You will see some of the highlights of the November 2nd Viva La Vida Festival and some cool footage of our stage. Thanks a lot to Suavecito Pomade for coming out and supporting the event. We really appreciate it. Please

Island Apollo Performs for Our 72nd Episode

Island Apollo are a band from the South of Orange County. Their sound is absolutely clean and well rounded. And songs.... Fucken tits! This is a band we see going very far. They got their set together and sound locked in and ready to kick your eardrums arse. And it

Episode 69 with CiTY CiTY

Episode 69. Theeeee Episode 69 is finally here. We never thought we would ever make it to this episode but god dam it we did it! Thanks to everyone that subscribes and watches and shares and likes and hates and just everyone. Thank you from the bottom of our black

Thee Commons starring in Ep. 64

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL Thee Commons as very special guests on episode 64! We were very surpirsed they were able to come down on such a short notice. I remember hearing them for the firs time a few months ago and was super excited for the opportunity to invite them onto

Messages from Austin Texas!

Messages Band!

When someone from half way across the country wants to come play a couple songs in your garage and chat with you about their craft, you're gonna say hell yea!!! On this episode we had the privilege of presenting Messages from Austin, Texas. Although they had a hectic schedule with

Children on Kilson Street!

Children band 03

Subscribe to our Channel HERE! We have the lovely Children from Los Angeles, CA for episode 61. Not literally children, that would get us in trouble... like Jarod from Subway... Anyway, Children have a real fucking awesome sound and have been on my work soundtrack for the past 3 months since