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Techra X Carb 5B Drumsticks Go Through the Kilson Street Wringer

If you know me personally, you know I’ve been playing drums for 17 years a now. So in the years since, I’ve played a plethora of pretty good and pretty damn bad drum sticks. From no name brands to the premium Ahead Carbon Fibers, I’ve pretty much tried them all. And I’m definitely not one to give up an opportunity to try out something new. As a musician, not doing so would mean you get left behind on some of the up and coming accessories, instruments, and sounds that could up your drum game. So when I came across Techra X Drum Sticks at NAMM 2017 in January, I immediately asked questions about these Carbon Fiber sticks.

I wasn’t able to sweet talk the people at the Techra X booth to get a pair, but fortunately Drumhead Magazine was offering a special for $20 that came with a pair of Regular 5B Sticks and a subscription (Which I finally received in June!). So I was too stoked to take these puppies home and put them to work. And damn I wasn’t disappointed!

Carbon Fiber Drumsticks cost quite a chunk of change, but when you think about the question: How many drumsticks do I got through per gig? Then you can start adding up all those broken drumsticks or the ones that just got too chopped up at the neck and check how much you’re spending per show on Wood. This is just some of the logic I use when I try to justify a purchase. And I have heavy hands, so on average I go through at least two pairs per 2-hour gig. I play about 6 live gigs a year, not a whole lot, but I also tend to add up playing time with rehearsals of which I normally do about 3 sets of 2-hour band rehearsals before each gig. And then I get time in between that when I fool around or try to work things out by myself without a band. Carbon fiber sticks are also a great alternative to those who are more eco minded and just don’t want to add to cutting down a tree for a pair.

This is the pair about 2, 1-hour Sessions in.

I will say that overall playing time with these drumsticks has been phenomenal. I have used them for two gigs and a whole lot of practices in between. And they are nowhere near finished. By this time I probably would have been down about 5 pairs of wood sticks or more. The only down side I did find was that they were just a tad too short for my liking. I’m used to Travis Barker or Adrian Young Zildjian sticks, which are my go to’s and are on the thicker and longer side. But I guess next time I’ll try the 2B’s which seem to be closer to the specs I like. The Feedback from a hit is pretty surprising and very close to natural wood sticks. And because of the carbon tips, you get a really nice ping from your ride and crisp chops at your hi hats. And These sticks are going to last you a long time. These sticks retail around  I never found a time where I was disappointed in their performance and durability.

Go to their site for more details about their sticks and all the other cool stuff they have to offer. I don’t have a link for where to buy these but if I do eventually find someone who sells these here in the states, I will update this post accordingly. And when that happens I will be sure to get a 2B pair and review it on our site as well.

We’ll be posting more music equipment reviews, Album reviews, etc soon. So stay tuned and bookmark this site on your browser. You don’t want to miss any updates. See ya soon!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Pros: Lightweight-Less Fatigue; Extra Durable; Doesn’t Get Chopped Around the tips like other brands; Bounce back is nice and consistent; Solid feedback;

Cons: Feels like 5A; Best for Less Heavy Players.


Modesto Briseno
Founder and Creator of Kilson Street. Also a full time parent to a Tuxedo Cat.

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