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The Romantics Self Titled Debut – Review

The Romantics Self Titled Debut Album

Album: The Romantics
Artist: The Romantics
Released: January 4, 1980
Record Co: Nemperor
Country: USA
Genre: Rock/Pop
Producer: Pete Solley
Recorded & Engineered: Steve Brown
Mastering: Greg Calbi
Wally Palmar – Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vox
Mike Skill – Lead Guitar, Backup Vox
Rich Cole – Bass, Backup Vox
Jimmy Marinos – Drums, Lead Vox
Straight Up, No Bullshit Rating: 8/10

The Romantics Self Titled Album Comver
The Romantics Self Titled Album Comver

Where Can I Gets IT: Find this record on iTunes, Amazon, Or go to your local record shop…. We HIGHLY recommend you go to your local record shop.

Why Should I Listen Now: Because it will make you feel like rock wasn’t dying in the 80’s, rather it was constantly reinventing itself… until it finally died in the 00’s.

Story of How I Found It: As always with some of my new music, I get a lot of suggestions from Apple Music. And this was one of them. I had never heard the Romantics Debut Album before and was really interested to see what the hell it was since it was a top suggestion. I pushed play and I was immediately hooked. When I Look in Your Eyes just blew me the hell away. But Then I realized, this sounds a lot like a song I’ve heard before…. Then lo and behold, 6 tracks later and it’s “What I Like About You!” For some reason I thought this song was from the 60’s or early 70’s. So it was a pleasant surprise to me to find that The Romantics were to blame for this little ditty that has made its way into the hearts and minds of a lot of Americans via almost every TV Commercial from the 90’s.

Overall this album is pretty rocking. I wouldn’t call it a Pop album as it would appear in some descriptions, even on this site, but rather a good 60’s style revival of Rock. It really does have really high energy throughout, and it surprised me how a band would just throw all their best stuff out on one great debut album. Anyway, I think it was good and honestly if you’re in a fast car or even stuck in traffic, it makes for a good listen.


Modesto Briseno
Founder and Creator of Kilson Street. Also a full time parent to a Tuxedo Cat.

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