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The Violet Mindfield bog our Fragile Minds with a Raw Performance – Episode 87

Here we are, back from a little break and heading into another. Damn time is ticking away here and we’re getting closer to episode 100 and a sure thing: death. But before that we have yet another great episode to present to you. With none other than The Violet Mindfield. Coming all the way from the psychadellic world of Pomona, CA.

This is what is called “set up time” here on Kilson Street.

I remember only hearing of these guys through our friends China Woman a few years back actually. I have personally never seen them live, but started following the guys a while back (can’t remember when) and listening to their tunes. I loved it. But why the hell did it take us so long to get them on the show???


I don’t know… I guess living in So Cal, one of the most expensive places to live in the country, could make you work your ass off endlessly. Not that work is a bad thing, but it can make you put things off until a later time. And this was the case last year when my brother saw these guys at a show and asked them to be on an Episode of Kilson Street. They were willing to be on but couldn’t due to their heavy playing schedule and personal matters. And to be busy playing shows is a great thing. So we waited patiently and asked again about a month or so back and got word that all our pretty little stars would align, and booked a show for April 12th!

Now, if you’re wondering what these guys sound like, just go down to the video or podcast below… it’s that easy, but if you don’t mind, I’ll tell ya that it is something truly psychedelic. At least the tunes they got up on their Bandcamp page sound like this. I would like to say that these guys sound like a mix of John Lennon’s Magical Mystery Tour songs and the Pink Floyd from the Albums “More” and “Meddle.” Which I absolutely love.

Richard showing up late and NOT hosting

I think this session left us with some really good tunes and times and we were glad to have them on. Thanks for taking the long trip down from the Inland Empire to the OC, because traffic sucks around the time we like having bands on our show (5pm to about 7pm is absolute trash on these SO Cal Freeways).

Remember to follow these guys and go to a local show if you’re in the area. They play a lot and you can see why in the video below.

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We’ll see you in a few weeks… I’m off to CHINA!

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