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Episode 76 with The Pocket Rockets!

I met The Pocket Rockets at a China Woman show back about a year ago I think…. The boys from CW recommended I talk to these guys that night and book them. As it goes, I felt inclined to give these guys a listen first, give them my card, and be on my way. After listening to them in their raw rock form, I though it would be cool to have these dudes from LA come in for an episode. Although we had booked them last year (there were some scheduling issues a few times), we felt it only natural to include them here now. Honestly, after bands cancel on us we tend to usually not contact them again or if we really really want to have them on, we’ll reschedule. Sometimes I forget though, so don’t you all feel bad if you think this is about you.

Pocket Rockets 08

Anywho, here we have the Pocket Rockets. Fresh off of a fairly recent EP release in 2015, they came in ready to whoop some ass on your ears on this episode. Drums: Bomb. Guitar: Busy. Bass and Vox: Bam… I don’t know how else to describe this. Other than they are like a blend of The Ramones, Interpol, and Radiohead-esque (Made that up) melodies. These dudes are on to something pretty special and the one thing I absolutely love seeing from bands that come through is Merch. They brought us some cool swag aside from cool music. I like swag first of all but I also like that they go to their shows prepared and ready to promote themselves. Because who the hell else will do that for you as a band? Not your mom (maybe your mom) and definitely not your shitty boss. YOU will promote you. And us because we love doing this.

Pocket Rockets 04

And now below we present The Pocket Rockets from East Los Angeles. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, and OK Cupid (No Official Link) and give them an email if you want to book them. Peace, love and Soul Train people. Thank you.

Modesto Briseno
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