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Throwback: Episode 18 – Evan Geesman

***Original Release date – August 16, 2013***

Evan Geeseman is a Giant. Not only in height but in talent. There’s no way for us to describe it. He just so damn good at what he does when it comes to music.

At the time we recorded this episode he had released a very critically received EP. I didn’t know who he was until Omar mentioned that he spoke with Evan about being on an episode. This was very early in 2013, but with time I managed to find a date for him to come on into our hot garage and lay down some tracks.

If you watched the episode on YouTube you might have noticed that there were a shit ton of microphones all around Evan. At the time I thought it would be funny to set up all the mic’s we had and make them look like they were working to some degree. If you guessed they were all on, guess again. They weren’t. Why the hell would I need that many microphones. We only had four on and even then when I finished mixing recently I only used three of em. Really only one was picking up most of the sound. And because Evan is so damn good, it was mostly all we needed.

Anywho, Here is the Throwback of the week. Almost exactly 3 years from its first release. Please enjoy and PRETTY PLEASE tell your friends about our podcasts and YouTube Channels. We would be very grateful for your support.

More old shows to come and plenty of new ones are in the horizon. Starting September 2016 we will continue this whole thing once again.

Modesto Briseno
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