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Throwback: Episode 9 – My Machete

***Originally Released on YouTube May 30, 2013***

Hello Everyone. If you noticed that we didn’t have a throwback episode last week it’s because we were super stoked to bring you the Filmspeed episode. If you haven’t checked their episode out yet, please do so after this one!

At the point in time when we filmed this Throwback episode, we were only a handful of shows in and were going around asking bands to be on the show. It was tough trying to convince people to show up to your garage, play a few songs and be interrogated in front of multiple cameras and microphones. Some people were (and frankly, still are)
a little sketched out when we tell them this show is recorded in our garage… But, some of these bands actually look at our site and see some legitimacy to our offer.

By this time, My Machete would be convinced with our handful of episodes that our operation was indeed legitimate enough to show up on that wonderful Friday evening in May of 2013 and rock the fuck out!

My Machete come from Anaheim and Santa Ana, California. Their sound rains down on you with dreamy guitar chords and soft soothing vocals. This 5 piece is lead by one of the most talented lead vocals in Southern California and backed by close relatives and friends. For the course of the last decade, they have been honing their sound and musicianship all across the state and even way up to Washington state! They have been consistent and have kept their lineup in tact throughout this time. Where some bands tend to change sound, people, or even breakup, My Machete managed to stay true to themselves and are still working their ass of to create new music and new fans.

Kick back and relax. My Machete are a band that could inspire you. And definitely a great group of people. You can catch them at a gig soon. Go to their Facebook page and give them your support:

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