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Throwback Podcast with The Hurricanes

Holly hell it’s been a while people. Sorry but we’ve been hella busy trying to make this years Viva La Vida Santa Ana go off like no other. We appreciate that you take the time to come look at our site; at our very few monthly updates.

The Hurricanes were the band we featured on our illustrious 20th episode. At this point there really was no turning back. We were getting hit up by almost every band in Orange County and we made it a goal of ours to feature as many of those bands as we could.

These guys hail from our very own Santa Ana, California. I don’t really remember how we got in touch with them but we already knew who they were from seeing them around town at the local bars and stuff. Their sound is a little beyond 60’s rock and roll. Listening back to these tracks I can hear that old school rock and roll but there is something about these cats that goes beyond that. And from all of their recent releases they definitely have evolved in sound since 2013.

Anyway, I won’t take much of your time on this, just go ahead and take a listen to their episode here sans the skits in between:

And if you are up for it, tune into our Video of the guys performance.

We were still growing with our video, audio, and booking skills, so this one was a bit rough. I think they all are even now….

Thanks and we will see you with another update here next week, if I don’t get lazy. Bye!

*NOTE – As you may have noticed, the sound from the Podcasts and Video differ in quality. We have been going back and “fixing” any issues with audio or mixing from previous shows if necessary. This one in particular will sound different from the video playback. Enjoy!

Modesto Briseno
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