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Throwback to China Woman Episode 12!

Originally Released 6/21/2013

Everytime I go back into one of these old episodes I see little bits and pieces of things I want to do differently. Actually a shit load of pieces. I have been doing some revisions to the way these were mixed and also introducing some new plug-ins that we didn’t have at the time of the China Woman Episode. I’m sure the guys don’t mind since we have produced two of their records previously. Any polishing up of old material is what gets me hard actually. I love going back and taking a look at things I did and say to myself: “what the fuck?”

Anyway, China Woman came to us by way of social media message. I believe it was Facebook. I didn’t really know who the guys were at all and had a listen to some stuff they had recorded on their home systems. It sounded good from first note. I thought they would sound more like Interpol of all people. But I was wrong. They came in and played two songs that blew us away.

If you like air, room, etc. You will like China Woman. I think their music has depth and character. Themes don’t seem cliche and their music straight forward as well.

These guys still play locally in Orange County and I highly recommend seeing them in person if you want to see musicians pour themselves out for each song.

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