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Top 5 Bands of 2015 plus End of the Year Notes – VIDEO

Well here we are again. Another Revolution around our giant star in what is a small spec of sand in this vast Milky Way. For Kilson Street it has been 3 fast revolutions… Or so it seems. I think when people look back at our work this past year they will see something that is developing into the next big thing. People will see badass musicians that are willing to brave our perverted, sick, and grimey minds. But truly what has kept this show up is our undying love to feature cool music acts and to make fun of what television used to be: a place where shitty marketing techniques went to live and miserably die.

We go into each episode wanting to mix the best tracks we can. Wanting to edit the hell out of the videos. And delivering the most entertaining content on the web. Kilson Street is what WE want to present to YOU. Not what some statistics on or YouTube channel or Website tell us to. No. Fuck that. We do things our way and for good reason. We respect all the people that give us those 10-20 minutes of their lives when they watch an episode. We respect the people that show up on those Santa Ana Friday nights ready to have their souls sucked in by our Cameras. Those people willing to give Richard all the juicy stuff about themselves.

In 2015 I believe that we have had one of the best years so far.


Because I said so….. Nah. Because I think our productions are getting better. I think the bands are pouring more and more into these shoots after seeing their friends on an episode of Kilson Street. And sometimes just because they believe so damn much in their art.

I am not one to pick a best of so I asked all of the dudes that are part of the Main production team who they thought should be on a short list like this. The Coolest, Bestest Bands of 2015.

If your band didn’t make the list, better luck next time Jack! Just Kidding!

Seriously, Thanks to everyone who came through and who helped out this year. This year would not possible without the help of the people that showed up for every Booked show.


Check out the VIDEO:

2.El Haru-Kuroi
1.Thee Commons

Mo is the founder and editor of Kilson Street.

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