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Episode 100 with Tropa Magica is Here!

Pre Roll in our garage. Making sure everything is up to par.

I had been preparing what I would write for episode 100 for a long time. But time after time I erased it and started from scratch over and over. There’s really not much to say about Kilson Street that isn’t already well documented in the 99 episodes that have been produced. We’re raunchy, I’ll humored, bad to the bone, DIY, Scrapper, raw & unfiltered, music lovers. Yes that’s what it all really bogs down to. MUSIC LOVERS. We did this for one reason only: for the love of music. Maybe I’ve said it many times before, but we just love supporting bands. It’s how we were raised and groomed in this small town of 300,000 folk. We wanted to find a way to give back to our music community. And we also wanted to change the way people viewed it. With all these on demand music shows online, we definitely didn’t want to be like the herd. So Kilson Street became an actual show and not a ‘hit it and quit it’ music showcase when we sat down in our garage in 2013 to plan out this concept. Ask them questions. Dig deep. Make a few dong jokes in the middle of it. Record it on video. On a digital mixer. Post produce. Make some “commercials” or skits. And boom!  We have a “TV Show” produced in some guys garage. 

Tropa Magica in between takes on Kilson Street.



Anyway, enough of all that stuff.  On episode 100 we brought back Tropa Magica. Back because they had previously been on the show as Thee Commons. And because these guys are really truly dedicated to their craft. Not much has changed from before. They still have that Cumbia Punk sound that we loved from the Commons, but they added a few more elements to the sound: Keys, Violin, and Sax (missing on this episode). A lot of people might scratch their heads as to why the name change or be spreading rumors that the band broke up, but as Rene Pacheco put it, “we’re not broken up. Ponte relax… Thee Commons are still here… but as a different incarnation.” Yes that sound is very much alive here with Tropa Magica. And there ain’t no fucks given as to how far they are going to take this sound. Listening to their song ‘Sequin Dress’ (exclusively on the Kilson Street Podcast for FREE!) you can see that they have taken a step further in developing their sound and will venture into different musical landscapes. 

Tropa Magica perform ‘Sequin Dress.’ Catch on our Podcast below!

Tropa Magica will be playing a lot during the summer of 2018 and I highly suggest you go to their Website to check their dates and put them up on your Almanac at home. Or add it to your iPhone or Android or PDA. The summer is going to be good to them and you won’t be disappointed with the good time their music will provide you.


Check out the full video below. Viewer discretion is advised for naughty language and graphic content, this is  according to YouTube Standards:

Download the podcast here:

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Special thanks to everyone who has taken a part in and who has helped behind the scenes on Kilson Street. The Bands/Artists on the show deserve the biggest thanks and we want to let you all know that we are here to support you guys even if your project is no longer around. And trust me there are a good handful of those out there. But keep rocking!

Extra thanks to Suavecito Pomade for supporting us through episode 100. Please go buy something on their site here. If you do, please leave a note saying that you used the link on our site to make a purchase.

Finally: Big thanks to my Mother Hisidora Briseno for letting us make all this noise, sometimes really late into the night on the weekdays. Our walls are paper thin in our old house and she can hear everything that goes on during each show. And I mean EVERYTHING!

We’ll see you all again soon!

Photos from the Sesh:

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Founder and Creator of Kilson Street. Also a full time parent to a Tuxedo Cat.

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