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Very Be Careful Visit Our Garage

I have been trying to get Very Be Careful on Kilson Street since 2013. Believe it or not. Trying to get them on has been a labor of love almost. Usually a band would ask us to be on. But not these guys. Of course they wouldn’t. In my opinion, I think these guys are the most talented and entertaining set of musicians in all of California, maybe the fucking planet. So getting them to give us a mad minute of their time had proved to be difficult. But I understood why. A group of their caliber would be hella busy. And especially since they are LA natives, it would be hard for them to take that long drive down the 5 fwy to our garage.

VBC 02

I honestly don’t remember the first time I saw Very Be Careful live. It must have been back in 2008 or 2009. But I DO remember landing on one of their YouTube videos even before that. I don’t know what YouTube-black hole I led myself down before I clicked on the proverbial video. What I saw was a set of guys playing this thing called Vallenato that sounded to me like a cumbia (which I am very familiar with), on a street corner in east LA or somewhere in LA. Tons of people swarmed around them and danced on the street. This only proved to my very young mind at the time that the sound of vallenato music could bring many different people together on a street corner in LA, even though the lyrics were in Spanish. Music is definitely a universal language. It only takes a great rhythm and jumping beat to get people on their feet to move.

VBC Pic 01

Very Be Careful have played around the state and internationally in the past decade. Always playing locally and keeping themselves booked up is common for these guys. So after a few tries earlier in the Summer to try to get them on Kilson Street I felt a little bummed that we couldn’t get our dates to align. BUT, as luck has it, and as you can see and hear for yourselves, we managed to agree on a date and get these guys on the show… FINALLY!

I always highly recommend people listen for themselves. Instead of sitting here and dissection one’s music, I prefer to let the listener take action and judge or dissect the music as they please. But one thing is for sure with VBC: You Will Not Stay in Your Seat when they play.

Make sure you visit Very Be Careful to catch up on any news or new local shows. You won’t want to miss them.

Special thanks also to Logan Crow for giving us some time to interview him and come into the Frida Cinema to film. We will be doing more in the near future with them and are excited to do so.

Thanks to all the people who showed up on the night of the taping. Without you this would never have happened. That’s Jackie Reyes, Dan Landeros, Richard Bernal, and Miguel Briseno. Also special thanks to Rich’s kids for the intro.


Podcast Audio Available on Soundcloud and iTunes with a very special Extra Song from Very Be Careful:

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