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Vultures United Rip Their Way Into Episode 96

Holy Mole bro. Yes, it’s two episodes in a row with some good super hard rocking music. We have been waiting a long time for something like this on Kilson Street and Vultures United were just the perfect fit at a time when we really need them… or just because we really wanted someone to make our ears bleed.  

Vultures United are from Fountain Valley, California. They chose a name that would make people think “WTF kinda music would Vultures United be?” And this is the exact thought I had when I was contacted by Jordan to be on the show. Richard already knew Jordan from his weekly soccer league escapades and was well aware of what we were into. But Jordan did send me a per release copy of their new album and I was super hooked!

It’s raw, it’s in your face and it relates…. Didn’t mean to make this rhyme. Anyway, I think if you’re a fan of the show you’ll love this change of pace for us. We sure as hell enjoyed the session with Vultures United and also really appreciate them coming through on a Tuesday of all days. Thanks Guys!

Keep tuning into what YouTube AdWords calls “Disturbing.” Subscribe and watch all of our shows. We’re doing this shit much better than the rest. Nobody comes close to the quality care and visuals that Kilson Street pumps out on a basis that makes you wonder if we have any social or work life at all! We’ll keep throwing these things out until someone literally comes and sets our last camera (iPhone) on fire and we can’t record anymore.

Much Love, Peace, and Kisses. See you real soon.

Check out the Podcast for just the audio stream and a very special THIRD Song from Vultures United:

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