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Waves “Encounter” is the Best Album You Probably Have NEVER Heard of!


Album: Encounter

Artist: Waves

Year: 2010

Catalog #: BBR-C-6025

Record Co: Beams Records

Country: Japan

Genre: Jazz/Electro

Personnel: Ian O’brien, KuniyukiTakahashi, Nobuhiko ‘Ebizo’ Tanuma, & Midorin

Straight Up, No Bullshit Rating: 9/10


Where can I Gets it?????: Nowhere I can think of here in the states. You can listen to clips of some songs from the album, and am assuming you could buy it HERE.

Should I Listen Now?: Yes, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on this rare record. I got my copy in Japan.

Why should I listen to this?: Swirling synth and electro sounds come together in a melting pot of free jazz to bring you a hybrid of what the future holds for humanity. It’s pretty relaxing and technically savvy, I would say. I think the drums are pretty phenomenal on this record as well.

Review By: Modesto Briseno

Story of how I found it: Richard and I were on a business trip in Japan and were lucky enough to be able to take a day off and see around Tokyo and all it’s sub districts back in December of 2016. Fortunately we ended up in the Harajuku District of Shibuya when we stumbled upon the Beams Record Store. At first glance this place might seem like a hippy den with it’s Ikea like furniture and neatly arranged vinyl and cd’s, but when you actually take the time to look around and check out the records they have to sample, you’ll be sucked in. There were a pretty decent amount of good records in the shop but I bothered to ask the lady at the front counter for “music from Japanese musicians.” So she pointed in the direction of the first bin in the store and said that this one should be a good start. I listened to a few of the others on display but this one just stuck. It’s really something you can throw on, any day of the week for any mood really. I am just grateful that this record jumped out and grabbed me by the boo boo.

Had to Dig around for this one, now YOU don’t have to:

Modesto Briseno
Founder and Creator of Kilson Street. Also a full time parent to a Tuxedo Cat.

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