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Why We DON’T Release a Schedule – Blog


Some of you wonder why we have no active schedule up on our site or anywhere on social media for upcoming shows. There used to be a time in our early days when we would share our upcoming schedule of bands that would be coming on, but as time went on we grew more and more lazy and also more cautious about who we post up.

Cautious because of cancellations. They happen quite sparingly but enough to prompt us to not schedule anything for you to look forward to. Besides, who cares really? If I were in your shoes I would love the surprise of a random act coming through our garage. Also we love the privacy of our garage and home. We wouldn’t want to schedule someone and make people think there is gonna be a show with a house party here. We film this thing out of our garage and would rather keep these recordings as private as possible. Only allowing people to take a glimpse during a recording through our Instagram page.

So in conclusion we would rather surprise your ass with whoever shows up on any given Friday evening (sometimes other days). And also schedules are something your parents and bosses at work looooove to keep. Why be such a square?

I’d write more eloquently but we are working on the next Kilson Street Episode with Attic Empires! Stay tuned buddy!



Modesto Briseno
Founder and Creator of Kilson Street. Also a full time parent to a Tuxedo Cat.

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