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With Strangers Kicks off 2017 with a Live Performance in our Garage!

Holy hell it took too damn long to get to this point. But here we are. Finally releasing an episode after a long hiatus. It almost seemed like we stopped existing altogether.

Anyway, here we have the wonderful With Strangers, who hail from Los Angeles and Anaheim CA.

With-Strangers-Picture-01With Strangers are a well rounded and nicely put together group of musicians that we first heard on a night out back in December at Stereo Brewing Company in Anaheim, CA. It’s funny because I really wanted to talk to them about being the first band on our show in 2017 (I was beyond impressed), but I didn’t do that because I was on a normal Friday night rager. You know, just tossing a couple cold ones back in succession until passing out at home….


The style of music these guys play most closely resembles funk and soul. If you’re looking for a similar sound to compare these guys to, you can take a look at the Daptone catalog. But I think what sets these guys apart from a lot of artists on that roster is their brass section, which I have only seen in Cumbia bands, Mariachis, and orchestras. With proper composition and very beautiful, sometimes even stunning lyrics, these guys just impressed beyond a doubt.


If you look up the band you’ll notice that there is also a keyboard element, which we heard live at Stereo, but due to unfortunate circumstances, we were not privy to hearing With Strangers in its whole. But you will be impressed nonetheless. I think even without the keys, we get a big and full sound from the rest of the musicians anyway.


If you are curious to check these guys out, please do so! Their next show is coming up quick on February 11th at Harvelles in Long Beach. They’ll be opening up for a great Earth, Wind, and Fire cover band called Hearts of Fire. You can buy tickets here and check them out.

Enough about all of this, just take a look at the video of their full performance here:

Podcast Link for Audio Here:

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